How Can I Still Eat Delicious Food When So Many Foods Seem To Bother Me?

Do you struggle with eczema or acne? Are you constantly tired, have brain fog or achy joints? Have you been diagnosed with food sensitivities and don’t know how to navigate building a healthy, delicious plate?

So many people I talk to struggle with food sensitivities. Some have symptoms but don’t know why. Some have been told they’re sensitive to specific foods and have lost hope that they’ll ever get to enjoy food again. I myself have struggled with all the things listed above. I’ve had to work through my own food sensitivities and navigate healing while still enjoying food. Food sensitivities are often caused by:

  1. Leaky gut
  2. Inflammation
  3. Stress

During consultations, I talk to clients about their symptoms, habits and life stressors to design a personal plan to help them heal their bodies and still enjoy life and food. I teach them how to swap out ingredients, what supplements may help them get back on track, and how and when to reintroduce foods.

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