How Do I Cook Nutritious Food For Myself And My Family?

How can I cook delicious food for myself and my family?

It’s dinnertime. Everyone is tired, it’s been a busy day and you just want to get dinner on the plate. There’s a science fair project due tomorrow, your youngest spilled paint all over the hardwood floors and there are several loads of laundry that need to be folded. Rather than take the time to figure out a healthy meal, you pull out some frozen chicken nuggets and a bag of potato chips and call it a night.

Has this ever happened to you? If so, you’re not alone. We all have days, weeks or even years like this. From talking to clients, I find one of the biggest hurdle to eating healthy is having time to prepare a healthy meal and knowing what to prepare.

My most practical tips to get a healthy dinner on the table daily are:

  1. Plan ahead – I make a point to meal plan weekly and shop for ingredients I know we’ll need for these healthy meals.
  2. Prep in advance – I try to double up on tasks so I can get things on the table faster.
  3. Make double/ freeze half – I know I always have some soup or cooked protein in my freezer I can grab if I’m in a rush.


These three tips alone are a great start but may still seem overwhelming. During consultations, I teach clients, how to build a plate that gives them the nutrients their bodies need, how to cook healthy delicious food, plan meals to fit with their schedules and budgets and make healthy food their kids are actually excited to eat.

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